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Team TA Musclecar Contingency Program

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To see results of the contingency program, click event page, the event and then on TA Contingency. Individual winning can be seen at Drivers Report. The contingency program is a way for drivers to earn money at specified events. At each event a driver must fill out a form to be eligible and indicate which parts they have from participating vendors. Contingency is paid to the highest placing car with a specific vendor’s parts. Another words, you may come in 3rd place in an event, but if you where the highest placed driver with BF Goodrich Tires, you would get 1st place in the BF Goodrich Tire contingency. Some vendors offer a ticket in a drawing hold at the end of the year. Every event you attend and fill out a contingency form, you get another ticket in the drawing. The contingency money is paid at the end of the year at the SEMA show. You do not have to attend to receive your check. Below is a table of the contingency prizes:

Team TA Musclecar Contingency Program
Total cost Involved Drawing
BF Goodrich 1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50
Detroit Speed 1 $50, 2 $25, 3 $15
Schwartz 1 $50, 2 $25, 3 $15
Baer Brakes 1 $50, 2 $25, 3 $15
Dyno Max 1 $75, 2 $50, 3 $25
Vintage Air Drawing
Holley Drawing
Ron Francis Wiring 1 $75, 2 $50, 3 $25
No Limit Engineering Drawing